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unique sets are offered by A&G to its valuable customers.

Welcome to the world of A & G! The idea and mission of our company is to expand your opportunities and improve the quality of life of each project participant and his family. For a long and full life, A&G has a patented health system, which includes a set of premium class cookware that allows you to cook without water in a low-temperature way, as well as a system for cleaning, structuring and enrichment of water. The company also enables each participant to improve their level of business education via the specially developed remote learning program.

Program 1 - 1090$

Program 1 includes the set of unique cookware OR the A&G water purification system. And you get the opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of net-work business management in accordance with the newest educational standards.

Program 2 - 2090$

Program 2 includes the water purification system, A&G set of cookware, an advanced training service. This course includes three areas: "Successful Entrepreneur", "Financial Management", "Practical Psychology".



Remote education consists of the following courses:

Business education - "Successful Entrepreneur" course
  • How to start a business of your own?
  • Where and how to find customers?
  • Technology of sales.
Financial literacy - "Financial Management" course
  • Financial planning;
  • Family budget;
  • Investment.
Personal growth - "Practical Psychology" course
  • Psychology of negotiation;
  • Psychology of relationship building;
  • How to live without conflicts?

A&G cookware set of the highest quality

  • General information about the cookware
  • Features and uniqueness
  • Options
General information about the cookware

A&G cookware is created according to German technologies with all their scrupulousness and attention to health.

Innovative properties of the bottom and honeycomb cover of the A&G cookware save energy and gas for cooking favorably affecting the hostess's purse.

Due to the highest level of quality, the cookware is widely used by both chefs and housewives conveying even the finest, exquisite flavors and amazing taste of the food.

Features and uniqueness

The high-quality premium A&G cookware allows you to get the maximum effect from the fuel received every day in the form of food. Thanks to modern materials and production technologies, A&G gives you the opportunity to prepare food in a completely new way preserving its nutritional and natural properties, since the food prepared in A & G in anhydrous way at low temperature and without dangerous superheated fats retains three times as much of all nutrients than the food prepared in the traditional way.

A&G cookware set is made of the high-quality steel # 304 and allows you to cook food the right way protecting your health. The metal evenly distributes heat. It is completely resistant to corrosion, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Food cooked in A & G cookware in its own juice loses only 5% of moisture, so we save 20% of the product. There is a thermostatic indicator on the lid that allows you to control the cooking temperature, and thanks to the unique innovative patented technology of "Bee honeycomb" the product is prepared in its own juice.

More about the set
Saucepan 2.0 liters ОО16 х 10 cm with lid
Frying pan 2.9 liters О24 х 6,5 cm with lid
Frying pan 2.9 liters О24 х 6,5 cm with lid
Stands for hot
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Honeycomb technology
  • Food saving
  • Quality materials
  • Cheerfulness
  • Stainless steel
  • Universal coating
  • Cover with thermostat
  • Thermo-accumulating bottom
  • Modern design
  • Health improvement
  • Healthy food
  • Cooking without water
  • Life without disease
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased immunity
  • Developed by A&G
  • Steel №304
  • Year of manufacture 2017
  • Heat distribution Yes
  • Honeycomb system Yes
  • Food saving 20%
  • Ergonomic handles Available

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Video presentation of A&G cookware set



Water filtering system

  • General information about the filter
  • Features and uniqueness
  • Options
General information about the filter

In order to assimilate all the stored vitamins and trace elements, in order to cleanse the body, we need clean and biologically active water. To date, the only way to obtain crystal clear enriched structured water is the newest unique seven-stage water treatment system, which is provided by A & G.

The patented A&G health system is a powerful body prophylaxis that improves and cares for your health and all your family health every day!

Features and uniqueness

The uniqueness of the system is that it divides the filtration process into two stages: the first stage is purification and the second stage is the enrichment of water with natural minerals. The core of purification is the osmotic membrane, the pores of which allow only pure water molecules to pass through. A special semipermeable shell allows detaining heavy metals, inorganic compounds, bacteria, carcinogens, and radiation elements. After cleaning, the water is enriched flowing through the cartridges that are filled with crushed natural minerals. A distinctive feature of the system is the structuring of water by the natural tourmaline. A&G uses double enrichment that allows you to receive biologically active live water for drinking!

The filter consists of pre-filtration cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes, filtration post, storage tank, tap for purified water, connection devices.
1 – st step polypropylene cartridge delays mechanical contamination
2 – nd step cartridge made of granular activated carbon stops chlorine and unpleasant odors
3 – rd step cartridge of granulated polypropylene coal delays organic pollution and chlorine
4 – th step RO (reverse osmosis) membrane removes dissolved solids such as calcium carbonate, chlorides, nitrates, etc., as well as organic substances
5 – th step post-treatment cartridge for the fine cleaning improves the taste
6 – th step bio-ceramic cartridge restores the water structure
7 – th step mineral cartridge mineralizes and saturates water
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Modern technologies
  • Quality materials
  • Cheerfulness
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Deep cleaning
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Activation by minerals
  • Structuring of water
  • Improving health
  • Life without disease
  • Stress relief
  • Increased immunity
  • Developed by A&G
  • 2 stages Cleaning and enrichment
  • Year of manufacture 2017
  • Technology Osmotic membrane
  • Structuring Tourmaline
  • Activation Natural minerals

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What more?


We are glad to inform you that together with the purchase of unique A&G products you have an opportunity to get a new car for use!